Congratulations to Mike Duck, Chairman, and all of the other volunteers that put on a fabulous Holiday in Charleston.

All of the attendees would also like to express appreciation for all of the support from the City of Charleston, especially Police Chief Reuben Greenberg and his Department for their efforts in guiding us around the area.

Email me if you've seen these photos!

Day 1 - April 9 - Leaving MA and CT

Day 2 -April 10 - RAIN!!! - Cars not there yet

Day 3 - April 11 - Arrivals in Charleston

Day 4 - April 12 - Holiday Tour (with some rain)

Day 5 - April 13 - The Concours at Middleton Place Plantation

Day 5 - The Photo Op at Magnolia Garden Plantation (after the Concours)

Day 5 - The optional Church Street Photo Op

Day 5 - The Banquet & Awards Ceremony at the Joe (Joe Riley Baseball Park)

Prescott Kelly's new found repair facility in Charleston Home